Florentine Gourmet Club by Curious Appetite

Want delicious, high quality Italian goods delivered to your front door from Florence? Join our Food Club! Continue your gourmet adventure with a curated box of ingredients Italy is famed for. We select only the finest extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, truffle goods, Italian-grown fruit compotes, cave aged pecorino cheeses, gold quality parmigiano-reggiano, Tuscan honey, spices, dried specialties such as porcini & tomatoes, Italian coffee, pure Bronte-sourced pistachio paste and more! Our mailings are seasonal and your box will change accordingly. We source hard-to-find specialties to give you exclusive access to truly artisanal Italian products! Perfect for chefs, avid cooks, holiday and special occasion gift-giving. Devour countless Italian flavors from Florence complete with our personal touches. 

CLICK TO VIEW TO INFORMATIONAL PDF: Includes levels, pricing & inclusions

What makes our Gourmet Food Club special:

  • All products from specialty larders in Florence who have exclusive relationships with purveyors
  • 100% made in Italy from mono-origins (i.e. single variety olive oil, farm-direct cheeses, etc) 
  • Nothing industrial- wholly artisanal, from independent producers 
  • Heritage varieties (village-specific capers, Sicilian-grown pistachios, etc) 
  • Every product personally gathered and taste approved by Coral Sisk, local food writer & culinary tour guide 
  • Seasonal selections in order to taste Italy throughout the seasons

Details: Cost depends on Level Tier as detailed in this PDF and start from 130โ‚ฌ plus a small shipping fee for Level 1 (SHIPPING COSTS ARE INCLUDED FOR LEVEL 2 & LEVEL 3), all boxes are sent seasonally (4 times per year, more upon request) and there are no joining costs! Food Club Rates are quoted for US-based recipients. For shipping to Australia & New Zealand, please inquire as there are additional fees and alternative products. 

*Subscription rules: Level 1 "Pantry Essentials" must subscribe to one year (4 boxes), Level 2 "Curious Culinarians" are required to 2 seasons (2 boxes) and Luxury Level 3 are held to no minimum (only 1 box). Our mailing schedule is: October for Fall, December for Winter & Holidays, April for Spring and July for Summer.

Perks with your Florentine Food Club subscription:

  • Products listed with regional food fact sheets
  • Illustrated clipboards for recipes
  • Canvas tote bag
  • Recipes to accompany each mailing, contributed by local food writers
  • Personalized notes from the team at Curious Appetite
  • Delivery insurance & guarantee- delivery is ensured within 1 week of ordering. 
  • Shipping costs for Level 2 & 3 subscribers (depending on location)

Exclusions: Shipping costs for Level 1 subscribers (please contact- depends on tier and delivery location)


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Florence is the birthplace of the Negroni & our Negroni Club is a curated kit of all you need to make Italy's iconic aperitivo cocktail to serve at holiday parties or to personally enjoy with your home-made aperitivo spread. The club is complete with a recipe developed by one of Florence's leading barmen Julian Biondi, winner of Florence Cocktail Week, drink journalist for Bargiornale & libations expert. The hard-to-find spirits & liquors we include are from small-batch, independent distilleries with little to no international distribution- nothing industrial or mass produced in our Negroni box! 


  • Provisions to equate to 20 Negroni! Perfect for holiday get togethers!
  • 3 bottles of hard-to-find Spirits & Liquors to make a craft negroni- selected by a Florence-based mixologist 
  • Artisanal vermouth, Tuscan-made gin & a wholly craft made bitter liqueur
  • A recipe personally developed by Julian Biondi, one of Florence's most respected mixologists
  • All the tools needed: mixing glass, strainer, spoon, jigger etc
  • Our 5 star personal touches!

Cost: 275eu INCLUDING SHIPPING, recipe, tools, liquors & spirits enough for 20 Negronis, info & fact sheet to the distilleries and personally developed recipe by one of Florence's award winning mixologists. 

Details: This is a one time subscription, but you can request additional boxes throughout the year and we will rotate craft distillations & liquors. The Negroni Club is available also to those who are not apart of the food club. Shipping is quoted for 2 weeks. Restrictions: We are unable to service thirsty clients in Utah or anyone under the age of 21. 


Payment will be requested once we receive your order form as costs depend on your selection (i.e. Level 2, Negroni Club, etc), all payments are requested via PayPal and are subject to a small online processing fee. 

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