Curious about our tasting tours? Read these FAQs!


Welcome to our FAQ section, which are considered as part of our Terms & Conditions. By participating or purchasing tickets, you agree to our Terms & Conditions with this FAQ page and have understood the details in this and other documents on our website and ticketing vouchers. 

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What IS Curious Appetite Travel? What you see here is the brainchild of Coral Sisk (pictured above!) an Italian-American writer, certified sommelier and blogger. After years of working in food, wine and travel- the concept to create (high quality) bespoke, cultural gourmet walking tours and activities was born. These activities are travel experiences, not touristic packages.

What are the benefits of a food tour? Can't I just look up places and do my own tour? The benefits of taking a food tour with a local food expert are endless! Food and drink tours are the best way to get orientated with the local food & drink scene of the brand new city you are visiting. A food tour will also help you get your bearings to the city's main attractions, best eateries, local products and thus eliminating hours of research.

Do we have to have a car to get from one location to the other? All our gourmet tasting tours are half-day tasting walks (ranging from 2.5-3.5 hours) and the distances are walkable in between each stop. The wine tours are fully escorted in/out Florence. Cooking classes are at one location which you are responsible for arriving to on-time. 

Where do we meet? We send a confirmation voucher including the addresses, meeting points, all information regarding inclusions once you've booked and completed payment. It is your responsibility to provide an accurate e-mail address and contact info as all automated letters with the experience details will be there. If you do not receive a confirmation letter of your purchased activity within 24 hours, please contact us and we can re-issue or look into the contact details you provided and update if need be. It is your responsibility to include a working phone number which where our assistance team can reach you in case our hosts can’t find you at the scheduled meeting time and place.

What's included in your tasting tours? A cornerstone of our experience design is that select drinks elevate food and vice versa. All tasting experiences include samplings of various foods and drinks, depending on the theme you have selected. Our expertise is in the culinary arts, we do not offer historical art, architecture or museum tours. We can however refer world-class professional guides who specialize in art and museum tours!

What is your etiquette regarding alcohol consumption on tours? Due to the nature of some of our experiences including alcohol beverages, we kindly ask you to be mindful of your limits and to communicate on the tour if they'd like something light if you have a low tolerance. We reserve the right to ask someone to leave a tour if they are clearly intoxicated upon arrival or are disruptive to a tour due to intoxication, or if any of the bar staff feel you are too intoxicated to serve. If you have to be excused from a tour because you show up to a tour already intoxicated or did not communicate or respect your limits in a way in which it began to negatively impact the tour, our venues, our guide staff and other guest’s experience- you will be asked to leave and receive ZERO refund.

How do you accept payments? We request payment to secure your spot via PayPal or via our ticketing system for select group activities.  We detail this process/instructions during your booking. If you request a custom experience for an event or activity not availble to book yourself online, usually this requires payment via PayPal or one of our representatives to hand-process payment, as a result your total amount will include a small service fee (no more than 6%) as to cover the extra admin labor and merchant fees incurred for this convenience, as we quote the best possible rates privy of fees. If you'd like to avoid online convenience fees when pursuing a custom event not bookable online, please let us know how we can work with you for a mutually beneficial solution.  

What is your refund and reschedule policy? 25% of all ticket fees are considered the "deposit amount" and is non-refundable. Refunds for 25% of activity purchase are considered in extreme, unavoidable or extenuating circumstances. We do not provide full refunds because of mistaken departure days or because you decided to do a different activity with a different provider. If you missed a flight or are late because of a delayed flight, we will do our best to reschedule you ONLY for already scheduled activities but these are not grounds for a full-refund nor waiving the rescheduling fee, check with your travel insurance to see if they cover these losses.

Cancellation/refund policy for group walking tour experiences in Florence and Bologna: 75% refund with more than 2 weeks/14 business days notice, 50% refund with notice of 7-13 business day notice, 25% refund with notice of 2-6 business days. Cancellations with less than 48hrs/2 business days notice is 0% refund unless there is an extreme, extenuating circumstance and will be determined on a case by case basis. Cut-off times mean the business day of when the tour is scheduled- NOT 48hrs from the start time of your scheduled activity. I.e. if your tour is scheduled on a Wednesday afternoon- we consider the cut-off 9am 2 business days before regardless of start-time of activity.

Cancellation/refund policy for cooking classes in Florence and Bologna: 75% refund with at least 2 weeks/14 business days notice. 25% refund with 7-13 business days notice and 0% refund for notice of less than 48hrs/2-6 business days.

For private tours/activities including escorted wine tours: all purchases are final/non-refundable unless with at least 2 weeks notice/only 75% reimbursement minus any tasting fees or services that had to be pre-paid.

All requests for cancellation/rescheduling must be communicated via e-mail, our contact page or by phone (message or speaking with someone- a missed call does not count) within Italian business hours of 9am-5pm and any notice past that will be considered for the following business day in terms of cut-off.

If you'd like to reschedule a tour with less than 7 days notice which does not have sufficient reasoning (illness, missed flights, etc) you will be asked to pay a rescheduling fee, our booking team will determine this amount on a case by case basis. If you'd like to make-up for time lost due to being late, you can pay overtime which can be arranged directly with our booking team and your host, but this depends if the guide has time but we are not obligated to provide any remainder of a tour if there is excessive tardiness. 

We are a small business and put in a lot of service & labor to schedule events, which is why we have a moderate/strict refund policy. We encourage you to purchase travel insurance if you'd like to be protected from potential losses incurred from changes in your plans. Refunds for 75% are allowed with at least 2 weeks notice.

Any cancellation, private or tickets to join-in activities, with less than 48 hours notice is entitled to no refund under virtually no circumstances, this applies especially to private activities. We will consider each situation, but if your cancellation is with less than 48 hours or 2 business days by 9am, we can rarely provide a 100% refund (as we often we pre-pay services/tastings) but we'll do our best to find a mutually beneficial solution. If you request to reschedule an activity with less than 48hrs/2 business days notice, you will be required to pay a rescheduling fee, the amount will depend on circumstances (time of notice, group size, type i.e. private or group, etc)

Can I pay with a major credit card? YES! Our 3rd party software/ticketing system accepts credit cards and if you have any problems, we can arrange a call to take payment over the phone or over e-mail with a credit card authorization form. 

I have follow a specific food lifestyle and/or I have serious food allergies and restrictions. Can you still cater to me? YES! While we cannot accept any liability or responsibility for food-related illness or allergic reactions on the tours, we can do our best to ask our stops to provide alternatives. We are very understanding and welcome every eating traveler! We can even do a gluten-free food tour, vegan or vegetarian food tour for clients willing/interested in private food tours in Florence. On wine tours, we can easy work with any diet since wine tasting is the focus. We expect you understand the food culture here and are flexible to work around it with the substitutions we can provide. 

Are these activities suitable for children? Depends on the activity! Use your best judgement, clearly a cocktail tour or an evening dinner crawl may not be suitable for small children. Our hosts are welcoming, fun and engaging to all. Many of our activities are family-friendly (i.e. gelato crawl, pasta, pizza and gelato making lessons, food lover's tour, etc). If you are traveling with small children (under 6 years of age), we suggest to request a private experience if you can. If you plan to bring children to our experiences, they are 110% welcome- we believe our experiences would be extremely enriching to your young ones and our expert guides are accomodating & engaging. However you bear the full responsibility of looking after them, are responsible for any damages/losses incurred and release us from any liability. We offer reduced tickets for children which are detailed in individual experience descriptions. Contact us if you have any questions!

How long are your tours and what's included? Walking food tours in Florence run anywhere from 2.5-4 hours, including at least 2-3 gourmet pit-stops. Start times vary depending on the theme type and our clients request (group vs private, etc). Many of our experiences can be private and customized. To see what's included, review each set of "highlights" listed in each experience.

How does it work? How can I book? For walking half-day food tours in Florence, visit our Gourmet Tasting section. Pick an experience and request to book a spot. For full-day wine tours, visit our wine adventures section and so on. Select the tour experience of you liking and click "request group or private experience." Select the dates of travel, including the # in your group and we will confirm within 24 hours.

Do you offer group or private tours? If you are looking for a small group tour, just send a booking request including the tours you are most interested in and your travel dates. We'll let you know what options are available during your travel period. Private experiences are available any day and upon request.

Where do we meet for drink & food tours in Florence? If a group tour, you will meet your culinary guide in an easy to find location in the central of Florence. Private clients have the option to be met at their residence or at a central meeting point. Details are sent only after you have booked and paid.

What about the meeting point for wine tours from Florence? All group wine tours (NOT private wine tours) will meet/depart/return near Piazza Tasso in Florence, Italy. If you request a private tour, we'll pick you up at your doorstep UNLESS there is an extenuating circumstance (road work, restricted zone, etc) and in which case we will for sure let you know the alternative solution! PLEASE NOTE: No-shows and extreme tardiness to a group tour will not be refunded unless in extreme situations.

How much are your private tours? Since we offer bespoke, boutique experiences- pricing varies. We provide rates according to the needs of our unique clientele. The best way to get an immediate quote is to contact us- we reply fast.

Can you arrange my train tickets, hotels, transfers and ground transport services? We do not offer these additional services nor travel packages at this time. However, we are happy to provide referrals for hotels which you can book yourself or to travel planners who can handle those details for you. We also manage a travel tips section to give free advice on topics such as train travel in Italy. We highly advise you purchase travel insurance for every journey outside your home country.

What is your policy for cancellations, no-shows and tardiness? Things happen! Please contact us if you are running late and we'll do our best to accommodate you, or let you know where to meet us if we have to start the tour without you. Walking tours are a little easier to accommodate as well as private escorted tours, however group escorted wine tours have a pretty strict meeting time policy (see Q on meeting point for wine tours).

If a guest is late because of a travel delay, for example, and are communicating with us, we will do our best to provide the experience with the remaining allotted time, but we are not obliged to allow any activity to go overtime as we have fixed timed costs with our collaborators. And it will be up to the guide what can be provided in the remaining time and there will be no reimbursements for time lost or tastings missed.

If a guest is late to a group tour or a private tour of more than 15 minutes, the tour will either start without the guest and they will have to catch up with the guide and accept the loss of time. In the event of a private tour, tardiness in excess of 20 minutes is subject to cancellation without refund nor any recuperation of the tour, we do our best to consider exceptions on a case by case basis. If you booked a group tour and it happened to be you were the only guests on the tour and you are a no-show, the guide will leave after 20 minutes and the tour will be cancelled. There are no refunds nor tour time provided to no-show guests who do not show up to the meeting points on time and who do not provide communication or are unreachable by the phone number provided. It is the guests responsibility to read and retain all booking confirmation/reminder letters, and follow instructions in the booking reminder letters which are sent automatically a few days before each event. If you did not provide an accurate e-mail or contact number, this responsibility falls on the guest who compiled the booking form.

What we consider a no-show: In the event the you/guest is late and has not provided any communication and we are unable to reach via the telephone number/email provided, after 20 minutes of attempting to contact you with no success/reply from guest will be considered a no-show and your tour will be cancelled without refund. Please make sure you provide a working phone number during your travels or alert us via e-mail if you discover your phone is not working while traveling. We will contact guests who are not showing up at the schedule time, but we will end our attempts to contact and coordinate after 20 minutes of tour start time.

Our cancellation policy is full refund with 30 days notice. If you provided a deposit for a private experience, that deposit is non-refundable unless an unforeseen/extreme circumstance has been presented. No-shows and cancellations with less than 48 hours are not entitled to any reimbursement.

Will my tour be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason? We reserve the right to cancel tours or re-schedule them either for lack of sign-ups or in extreme cases. I.e. natural disasters, accidents or severe illness. But we will notify you right away for these rare occurrences (hasn't happened yet) and you will be re-scheduled and/or refunded.

Is there a minimum ticket purchase? A tour is opened once 2 tickets are sold, but in order to honor the group rate and keep our prices fair and cover overhead, we require 3 participants for every join-in group walking food tour in Florence and Bologna. Join-in group cooking lessons require 2 participants. If this minimum has not been met by 72hrs before the tour’s scheduled date, we will reach out and provide various options to guarantee the tour. These scenarios are a rare occurrence since our minimum group sizes are typically met and sell-out. The chances are especially rare if you book in advance. We just have to provide the disclaimer!

For any additional question not listed, do not hesitate to contact us!