Bike Tours in Tuscany from Florence- get active on your vacation!

Whenever someone asks advice on activities and what to do on their vacation in Italy, active tours are always suggested. In Italy, you're going to be eating and drinking a lot of caloric rich foods that you might not be used to back home. Cheeses, meats, pasta, sauces, inky red wines, delicious meats including steak and sausages, breads, pastries and more. You might wonder how the Italians stay so fit and relatively chronic disease free in comparison to countries like the U.S. Part of it is that you will most likely eat like this because you are on vacation. Furthermore, walking and biking are preferred methods of transportation. 

All things considered- why not experience a bike tour in Tuscany? Not only will you work your muscles and get your blood flowing, you will be stunned by the beautiful surrounding scenery that Florence is fortunate to have access to in just a matter of 30 minutes.

If you're considering a bike tour in Tuscany, here are a few highlights to look forward to:

No need to figure out maps or how to get bikes from Florence to the countryside, from Florence a bike tour company will take you on a short van ride from the meeting point to the bike storage units in the beginning of the Tuscan country side so you don't have to beat traffic from the city there.

You'll have a passionate tour leader to take your through the safest roads with the most breathtaking sites. You'll have mini pit stops to learn about local history and see country houses that used to be the homes of famous figures such as Machiavelli!

No tour in Tuscany would be complete without food and wine! Just when you've worked up an appetite, you'll find yourself in a private villa to indulge in a farmhouse lunch of seasonal veggie crostini, local cheeses, meats, olive oil and taste wines produced on site!

A tour like this will reconnect you to nature and give you a break from the hussle of the city beats in Florence. You'll see olive trees in the flesh and understand how much work goes into making olive oil- a tree only produces 3 liters of olive oil per season! This direct connection with nature will improve your understanding of food and Tuscany.

A bike tour ends sweetly with a phenomenal panorama of the countryside with a glimmer of the Duomo from afar, as well as homemade gelato to reward all your hard work.

When to take a bike tour: Considering the physical effort involved in such a tour, Fall and Spring seem to be the best months. Unless you are used to hot weather! If you can handle Bikram yoga, you'll love a bike tour in Tuscany in the summer for sure.

What to wear on a bike tour: Be sensible- avoid jeans at all costs. You want to wear something stretchy and tight. And also be sensible about shoes.

Don't forget to stretch loads before and after! Drink lots of water and don't push yourself too hard. Especially in the heat. The guides will be nice and wait for you- but don't get too far behind. There is a world to discover on bike!

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