How to visit Florence Tuscany Rome and Amalfi in 10 days

So you're an ambitious traveler- you have 10 days and want to see the major gems of Italy. And you probably have good reason- this may be your 1 and only trip to Italy. It might be a whirlwind- but there are almost 200 other countries on this planet to see- you can't stay still in just one city for a whole 10 days!

It's decided: 10 days and Florence Tuscany Rome and Amalfi are on the docket. How do you plan it all? How do you get from one city to the other? Once you get there, what doyou do?

Here are some travel tips for those of you who desire to see the best of Italy: Florence Tuscany Rome and Amalfi in 10 days.

In order to accurately travel plan, figure out the exact number of days you will have on the ground. Consider that 2 nights yields one full day, 3 nights give 2 full days and so on. Consider your arrival and departure dates and perhaps try to get 12 days off from work- as the travel days will leave you without much time. This way, you actually have 10 days. Plan to arrive and depart from Rome. Flights usually depart in the morning for Rome so you'll have time to get over to Florence on a fast train when you arrive in the afternoon, then you can spend your last 2 days in Rome before your departure. A sample itinerary for those who feel confident about driving in Italy: 2 nights in Florence, pick-up a car in Florence and head into Tuscany for 2 nights. By the way Florence is a city IN the region of Tuscany. Where you decide to stay in Tuscany, depends on your tastes. Drive down to the Amalfi Coast for 2 nights then drive back to Rome to drop off the vehicle. Spend your last 2 nights in the eternal city and voila! You've just hit 4 destinations in 10 days. If you don't feel comfortable renting a car, you can stay in Florence for all 4 nights and hire a driver to take you into the countryside and visit the Tuscan wine country on a wine tour in Chianti, for example.  Then you can take trains to reach the Amalfi Coast and Rome.

What to do in Florence Tuscany Rome and Amalfi


Since you have 2-4 nights, take a food tour in the morning to get oriented with the city on your first day so you don't have to waste time messing around with maps and understanding the city for things to do in Florence. Your tour will take you through the highlights of the city and you'll be able to hit many points of interest in just a few hours. Plus, you'll be hanging with locals and not have to fumble over Italian and English. If on your second day you want to explore museums, consider hiring a guide to take you and interpret the city's most historical gems. Spend the afternoons and evenings free to independently explore now that your guide has walked you through and given you familiarity in the morning.


A sightseeing wine tour is highly recommended, especially if you are interested in hiring a driver or jumping on a guided tour. Make sure you pick a tour which hits small towns such as Greve in Chianti, Pienza, Siena, San Gimignano, Montalcino, etc. Consider a bike tour of Chianti from Florence if you can't manage to make it to Tuscany to stay for a couple nights and aren't interested in renting a car. If you need additional travel tips, contact us. If you plan on staying in Tuscany, the best cities to stay in while being close to bigger cities are San Casciano, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, San Gimignano, Bagni di Lucca, Volterra, etc.


There are so many gastronomic treasures of this area: limoncello, mozzarella di bufala, gelato, pizza and more. Amalfi Coast is located in the region of Campania which is famous for these decadent treasures. Take a gourmet tour that visits producers of all these goods and taste the best of Campania. If you want a more luxury experience, consider taking a boat tour along the coast especially if you will be traveling in warmer months.

Have any sage travel advice to share? Need more advice for Florence Tuscany Rome and/or the Amalfi? Contact me any time.  I'd be happy to offer some quick tips for a first trip to Italy with suggestions for the best activites to do in each locations, as well as where to eat at the best (non-tourist trap) local eateries.